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One of the latest techniques and technology in aesthetics is a revolutionary new treatment called a Spectrum Laser platform. The Spectrum Laser from Rohrer Aesthetics is a portable platform that has five different lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) functions. As a result, you can receive various transformative non-invasive treatments in one appointment. The spectrum Laser treats hair reduction, tattoo removal, facial resurfacing, facial treatments, vein removal, and so much more.


Spectrum laser treatments are minimally invasive, and the results are immediate. You will notice improvements following your first treatment session. You may see results within 2-to-4-weeks or after your 4th treatment session. Results continue to progress within the week following your treatment cycle.


There is no downtime and few side effects. However, you may experience swelling and some skin irritation after treatment. Avoid exposure to sunlight before and following your laser treatments. Use sunscreen to protect the treatment areas and promote healing.

Q & A

Your provider can use the Rohrer Spectrum Laser for laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, vein removal (spider veins), and tattoo removal, to name a few.


Rohrer Spectrum Laser IPL can be used for hair reduction, acne reduction, and vascular and pigmented lesion reduction.


Various treatments using the Spectrum Laser have proven to be safe. For example, the Spectrum includes a Q-Switch Yag/KATP laser that removes a range of tattoo pigments and is perfectly safe for any skin tone.


It is a device that houses five different lasers in one unit and does many aesthetic treatments.


The Rohrer Spectrum Laser has been tested and proven to be safe. In addition, it has earned the FDA’s approval for use on cosmetic issues.

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